14 unique reasons to visit Lapland in winter

C-Ludik has selected 14 unique reasons to visit Lapland in winter ! Experience a wonderful sensation of freedom on a dog-sled ride, drive a snowmobile, chase the Northern Lights, try the ice fishing, enjoy snowshoeing, visit a ice hotel (or even sleep there !), watch the reindeers, Discover the culture of Sámi…. And don’t forget to try the Finnish sauna to relax !


Snowshoeing on frozen lakes

Snowshoeing is a great way to experience Finland’s wintry wildernesses, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise.


Enjoy Falun’s Red Wooden Houses

The traditional wooden houses are very often painted in Falun red color which is made from the slag of Falun’s copper mine in Sweden.


Sleep in an ice hotel in the middle of nature

In the village of Enontekiö, the ice hotel is just waiting for your booking !


Discover dog sledding and be a musher for one day

Discover a sled pulled by a group of happy sled dogs and assault the wild and hostile Finnish environment.


Experience traditional Sámi culture

The Sámi have been living in Kilpisjärvi since prehistoric times and it is still one of the most famous bastions of their culture.


Climb the Saana fell, sacred to the Sámi people

The Saana fell is a sacred mountain to the Sámi people. Sacrificial fires are lit on its summit in honor of the supreme god “Ukko” (god of heaven), the divinity of the sky, thunder, and lighting in Finnish mythology.


Discover the culture of Sámi reindeer herdings

The traditional Sámi’s lifestyle still relies on reindeer husbandry, fishing, hunting, small-scale farming and handicrafts.


Ice fishing in Sámi culture

In winter, you can learn ice fishing or “white lake fishing” when the lakes are frozen.


Driving a snowmobile to the three-country cairn

Magical colorless landscapes roll forward in front of us to the three-country cairn which marks the international borders between the three nordic countries, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Walk in Tromsø, the “Paris of the North”

At the harbor, under the faint orange late-afternoon light, you can admire the colorful facades of wooden houses, including the Polar Museum.


Sunset over a winter landscape

In Lapland, the sunset lasts a long time; it takes time, to go down slowly, certainly to give time to the dreamers to admire it…


Hunting for the Northern Lights

The Sámi give different names to the Aurora Borealis, among them Guovssahas, which means “the light which can be heard”, even if no scientist has ever produced a sound recording…


Discover the hidden Fjords of the of Norwegian Lapland

The Ersfjord, a charming setting like a pearl hidden in the depths of the fjord encircled by high mountains that plunge into the water.


Visit Grøtfjord, a magical view of the Arctic Ocean

Grøtfjord offers a breathtaking view of the Arctic Ocean and its beautiful ice-covered beach. If you have a real Viking spirit, go for a dip in the Arctic waters.