When is the best time to experience ice fishing in Lapland ?

What month is best for ice-fishing in Lapland ?

Ice-fishing is possible in Lapland for several months during winter time. The winter fishing season on the lake usually starts in November, when the ice is sufficiently strong enough to travel across and ends in May. In midwinter, the days are short and weather may be 23°F or -40°F (-5°C or -40°C). Maybe it is too cold for you to spend several hours on the ice just sitting and waiting to get some fish ! In March and April, it is more pleasant to spend hours outside than December or January. Spring months are the optimal time to go ice-fishing in Lapland. The days are long and the sun is shining on the white snow… you don’t need to sit in twilight !

Ice Fishing is one of the traditional activities of the Sámi people. You bait your line and drops it through the hole in and sit comfortably on a reindeer skin, waiting patiently for something to happen... such as catching a fish !

Ice fishing in Lapland