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Visiting Lapland: the practical guide

Lapland (or Sápmi in the Sámi language) stretches over four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula of Russia. Lapland is the ultimate winter travel destination ! This dreamy part of the world has it all… Nature is everywhere, sometimes spectacular or simply beautiful. In Lapland, it takes only a few minutes to forget the frenzy of daily life and to plunge into a peaceful, stillness and pristine nature. A trip to Lapland is an opportunity to breathe the pure northern air, to live in communion with nature or “Friluftsliv”, to contemplate the wild landscapes, to slide on a dog sled under the northern lights or to settle down in a cottage by the water and relax in a sauna in the middle of the polar night. Lapland is also an opportunity to discover the culture of the Sami, a nomadic tribe from the far north who are today the only indigenous people still present in Europe. If you have dreamt of walking in the footsteps of the explorer-adventurer Mike Horn in the snowbound forests or if you are just a fan of the Olivier Truc detective novels and of the Lapland Reindeer Police, Lapland is made for you.

Lapland in video

Want to visit Lapland in wintertime or just take a short break at home. Experience the magic of winter in Lapland in 1-minute chrono… Traveling to Lapland is like stepping into a fairytale with beautiful creatures amid an endless snowy forest. Lapland is the unforgettable land of magical snow and ice! Winter in Lapland means hazy horizons, snowflake kisses and silent wilderness. Hop in a sledge and let some of sled dogs take you on a hunt across the untouched snow. Watch the beautiful fjords and the silent dance of the Northern Lights. From riding in a sleigh drawn by reindeers to speeding on snowmobiles, there are many adventures to be had.


Discover Lapland in winter: a magical land of snow and ice !

Lapland in winter: C-Ludik's travel video, thumbnail. Discover the magic of Lapland in winter in 1 minute.Lapland in winter: the travel itinerary of C-Ludik, thumbnail. A 10 days trip to discover Finnish and Norwegian Lapland.Lapland in winter: C-Ludik's travel stories, northern lights thumbnail.Lapland in winter: useful travel tips from C-Ludik, thumbnail. All C-Ludik's tips to organize your next trip to Finnish and Norwegian Lapland.Lapland in winter: C-Ludik's F.A.Q., reindeer thumbnail. Frequently asked questions about exploring Lapland in winter.Lapland in winter: C-Ludik's must-do activities, dog sledding thumbnail. Discover all the best activities to do in Lapland in winter.


How to get the Best out of your Days in Lapland in Winter ?

Find C-Ludik’s ultimate itinerary through Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland or Norwegian Lapland in winter. We have been dreaming of a trip to Lapland for a long time. Now that it’s done, no disappointment: there is no better place to enjoy winter than Lapland !  Whether it’s a romantic break for two or a family trip, there’s plenty to see, do and discover in Lapland. Imagine days discovering glorious winter landscapes and fascinating local culture. It is the best time of year in Lapland to see the Northern lights, while Lapland winter activities include reindeer safaris, husky sledding, snowmobiling, skiing, ice-fishing or even ice-floating and of course experiencing the Sami culture. If you’re visiting Lapland in winter, there are tons of exciting things to do and look forward to. Ready to explore the nature of Lapland with a day-by-day itinerary.

Lapland Travel Stories

Discover amazing travel experiences in Lapland with C-Ludik’s inspirational travel stories.

Exploring Luleå and the church town of Gammelstad

Exploring Luleå and the church town of Gammelstad

Luleå (Luleju in Northern Sami, Julevu in Lule Sami, Luulaja in Finnish) is a coastal city and capital of Swedish Lapland in the northern province of Norrbotten. It is the largest city in Swedish Lapland as well as a modern city focused on the digital economy. Indeed,...

Frosty Fun in Luleå, Swedish Lapland

Frosty Fun in Luleå, Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland covers a quarter of Sweden, stretching from Sorsele and Skellefteå in the Västerbotten region to the country's northernmost tip. Mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and wild archipelagos shape this northern territory. Luleå is the largest city in...

Lapland: Northern lights like you’ve never seen them before!

Lapland: Northern lights like you’ve never seen them before!

Lapland offers an unparalleled spectacle during the Northern Lights season. Between fjords, tundra, steep cliffs and steep coasts, the region is known for its spectacular aurora borealis. What are the Northern Lights ? After touring Tromsø we turn to the beautiful...

Lapland, a Winter Paradise

Lapland, a Winter Paradise

Hyvää päivää, Lapland (or Sápmi in the Sámi language) stretches over four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula of Russia. The region is bounded by the Norwegian Sea on the west, the Barents Sea to the north and the White Sea in the east. This...

Lapland, cradle of Sámi Culture

Lapland, cradle of Sámi Culture

In Lapland, North of the Arctic circle in Finland, it takes only a few minutes to forget the frenzy of daily life and to plunge into a peaceful, stillness and pristine nature. Kilpisjärvi (Gilbbesjávri in Sámi language) has a population of about 100 and is located...

Lapland by C-Ludik

Top Tips for Visiting Lapland

You want to visit Lapland in winter ? Here's are the C-Ludik's tips to organize your next trip to Lapland.

Planning a magical trip to Lapland in winter ? As with any trip, though, you want all the logistics to run smoothly. With some useful tips When should you visit Lapland ? Where do you fly into to get to Lapland ? and my top tip on photographing the Northern Lights hacks, C-Ludik’s guide is jam-packed with all the advice you need. No doubt you will love the land of the Sámis and the reindeer, the postcard-like snowy landscapes, the northern lights, the amazing ice hotels and the many other activities. So let’s get stuck in with how to plan your perfect in Lapland experience !

The ultimate guide to organize your trip to Lapland

Planning a trip to Lapland on your own ? Here's a complete guide to organize your trip to Lapland and everything you need to know to make it the perfect winter trip !

All you need to know for a Winter Holiday to Lapland ! Make your Lapland itinerary adventurous and organize your trip in Lapland with the best-practiced travel tips from C-Ludik. Where to find Lapland ? Where should you go ? People often prefer Finnish Lapland but you can also plan a trip to Swedish Lapland or Norwegian Lapland. When should you visit Lapland ? What to pack for a travel to Lapland ? What to do ? All these questions about a winter trip to Lapland C-Ludik wrote down and answered in this blog. Use this Lapland travel guide to plan your perfect winter trip in Lapland and live an unforgettable experience !

Discover Lapland with the Best activities to do

Be prepared for some unforgettable experiences during your trip in Lapland. There are many other exciting activities that you can experience in Lapland.

Experience the magical country of Lapland with its breathtaking nature and discover the best activities to do to enjoy this white paradise: snowmobile tours and husky sleigh rides, visiting a reindeer farm, cross-country skiing or snowshoe walking, ice climbing, Winter fishing and Northern light hunting, you never get bored in Lapland ! There is plenty to do and see in Lapland in winter, with something for everyone. Try out different nature sports, explore the intriguing local lifestyle or learn from the arctic nature: Lapland offers an authentic setting for you and your family to enjoy your holiday !

Learn more about Lapland in winter by reading C-Ludik’s inspirational travel stories


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