Where can I see a reindeer in Lapland ?

How to meet reindeer in Lapland ?

Reindeer are a common sight in Lapland. Even though they roam free, reindeer are semi-domesticated. Every animal you see in a Lapland forest is owned by a herder. In the wild, reindeer are always on the move. They change their location according to the seasons and weather conditions. Visiting a reindeer farm in Lapland is often at the top of travelers’ bucket list. At these farms, you can learn more about reindeer and the lives of their herders. Many farms also provide short reindeer sleigh rides on site.

Meet reindeer in Lapland ! Not spotting a reindeer in Lapland is close to a miracle, as these animals often feed close to roads and dwellings.

The reindeer a symbol of Lapland