Traveling means exploring unique landscapes and new horizons. Smelling a different atmosphere and scents, listening to – sometimes – unusual languages, discovering other ways of living…. To summarize it is feeding your curiosity! The genuine journal of the travelling painter gathers through the pages a sketch depicting the beauty of a place captured on the spot where it wasn’t expected, a sketch of a fugitive feeling in a crowded street, a fleeting and spontaneous emotion grasping you in front of a breath-taking panorama … But before knowing how to ‘do’, the traveling painter must know how to ‘see’: drawing is – in a short time and space – a snapshot of many sensations and impressions. It is also an illusion of the reality which implies further analysis but also a certain detachment from it.

Snowy forest and river

I invite you to travel on an illustrative journey with Myriam Richelle. It is the work of an artist who loves to discover and share, but not only … Her travel diary isn’t just a collection of pretty postcards, but the expression of her sensitivity. She captures subtly and with a great understanding, light, space and movement. All themes are good: Lavaux’s inescapable landscape throughout the seasons as an anecdote, which stroke her. And don’t forget, a travel diary begins at the corner of the street just with a lady under an umbrella … No need to go too far !

Woman with an umbrella

Let your desires for freedom speak for themselves without leaving your living room by just dressing your walls with elegance. Rendez-vous from 10th to 18th of June 2017 at La Tour du Château in Prilly for the very first exhibition of Myriam Richelle.

EXPO from 10th to 18th of June 2017, Vernissage on June 9th at 6.30 pm.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8am -11:45am / 1pm30-4pm30
Saturday-Sunday 2pm- 6pm (with Myriam Richelle on site)

Address : Tour du Château, Rue de Cossonay, 1008 Prilly (Suisse)

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