According to recent research conducted by Tali Sharot, director of the Affective Brain Lab at University College London, it appears that our brain is set up to see life in pink ‘la vie en rose’, no matter what happens … This British researcher would like to show us that we are about 8 out of 10 to suffer from an “optimism bias“. There is therefore a high probability that you are a pathological optimist without knowing it! Do you believe it ? No ? So try a simple exercise: plan a year ahead, then 5 years, then 10 years… Are you in this potential future ? Unless you are cheating (because you are very attentive and clever readers and you have understood where I am going), you should be thinking about good times: holidays, a wonderful trip around the world , a day off with your family, a diploma, a promotion, or any other happy event … Are you still bored and does the reality seem gloomy ? All right, then I take you on a journey to colour your thoughts in the world of « The Comfy Traveler ».

The Comfy Traveler

When I first discovered the colourful illustrations and photographs of Laetitia, I had this song in my head « Lunettes Bleues, Lunettes Roses » ” interpreted by Alain Souchon: Blue glasses, pink glasses / in our eyes a dose / of humour and poetry / Blue glasses, pink glasses / and on the world we put / a much prettier look at it… Passionate about travels (England, Finland, Canada, Italy, Switzerland …) and a camera always in her hand, Laetitia has many memories to share, colours, sensations and emotions out of tons of images. This is how her boutique “The PixelSuitecase” saw the light of the day, with the desire to share parts of memories and pieces of dreams, and to share her colourful world through illustrations combining drawing and photography … She has this little touch of colour that invites you to be in a good mood! Here are my favourites … but before to unveil them, I have a question that puzzles me: Laetitia, why did you choose the name « The comfy traveler »?

“Firstly, I really wanted a name directly related to travel. However, I also wanted it to reflect the journey we make in everyday life, on a daily basis.  Furthermore, because I also like relaxed and simple moments at home, a hot chocolate in one hand and a good book in the other, I wanted all that to be reflected in the name of my blog. I am not a “hard-core traveler”. I like to discover new places, go on an adventure, but I also like to feel/be at home, fully discover my city from top to bottom! Last but not least, if I could spend my life in pyjamas, I’ll do it! So I found that “The Comfy Traveler” was very representative of the message I want to share on my blog”

Now let us go and travel in pictures with Laetitia who was kind enough to reopen her book of memories for us by commenting my favourite photos…

« Home sweet home en Scandinavie ». A real Finnish hut in a small town on the outskirts of Helsinki. You/We want to take refuge and snuggle comfortably next to a good fireplace, after we have enjoyed the outdoor nature and felt the icy wind on the tip of his nose … A cosy little corner of home in wild nature!
“I took this photo on a very cold / icy and sunny morning, while everyone was asleep; this photo always reminds me of a feeling of warmth, the memory of moments spent by the fire, warm under a duvet / blanket.”

“Home sweet home en Scandinavie”

“Paris, it was the gaiety/happiness/joy, Paris / It was the sweetness too / It was our tenderness” … for the Môme (i.e. kid) who sang « La vie en rose » …  Ah Paris, city of light, city of love, of the lovers who snot on the public benches, city of history, city of arts. Clichés? But what a beautiful shot/cliché that is this one with its soft colours…
“When I look at this photo, I have only one word to say, one feeling in my head: nostalgia. A pleasant nostalgia of these little bits of life that you want to keep with you forever, whether they are about crazy adventures or from simple moments at home.

“Paris, it was the gaiety/happiness/joy, Paris / It was the sweetness too / It was our tenderness”

Italy – Milano the pretty“. In the North of Italy, board on a trip to a charming town in La Dolce Vita. The Duomo, the Vittorio Emmanuele II Gallery, the Scala di Milano, the city hides many treasures. Welcoming and sunny, this city is famous for fashion and will welcome you warmly. Don’t forget your blue or pink glasses nor your hat !
“The architecture of these galleries left me speechless as soon as I saw it. I even decided to shoot them at dawn, and seeing them empty was even more magical.

“Italie – Milano the pretty”

« Londres – “Do you want tea with your cookie ? »… Of course, many well-known and inescapable / obvious places make up the city’s identity and its English charm. However, the English capital is also full of hidden treasures. If you are a fan of Potter, this photograph will remind you of the sequence of “Harry Potter and the House of Secrets” … this hotel was used to represent the outside of the King’s Cross-station!
Aaaah, London. This city always makes me feel at home, as so welcoming!

« Londres – “Do you want tea with your cookie ? »…

Voilà… When the reality seems gloomy, it sometimes becomes urgent to “escape” into another dimension. A simple photographic creation can transport you to a world so different from your everyday life, a place of well-being where you can enjoy a few moments of pleasure and see “la vie en rose”… Feel free to colour your style, your interior with the creations of Laetitia: they will give you a daily dose of good mood !

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