The 15 BEST Things to Do in Swedish Lapland in winter!

C-Ludik has selected 15 unique reasons to visit Swedish Lapland in winter ! Think icebreaker cruise, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and visiting the IceHotel, hunting the Northern Lights in Abisko National Park.


Luleå winter walk on the frozen sea

Walk or get a spark for kick-sledging on the famous ice road of Luleå called « Isbanan ». You can walk for miles and miles on the ice over the sea!


Explore Luleå with an unforgettable ice skating trip

Discover the central part of the city while gliding over the ice in a high speed!


Enjoy the amazing Snow Sculptures

Awesome Snow Sculptures in Luleå city center ! It’s hard to believe that these sculptures were all made out of snow


Gammelstad, Sweden’s largest church town

Visit the church town of Gammelstad is a Unesco Heritage attraction in Swedish Lapland.


Icebreaker Cruise in Swedish Lapland

Enjoy the Arctic Explorer icebreaker cruise in the frozen water of Bothnian sea and swim in icy water.


Snowmobile safari along the Bothnia frozen sea

Get to enjoy driving a snowmobile on the frozen sea to explore remote, scenic areas that would otherwise be impossible to traverse.


Visit Kiruna city & the largest iron ore mine in the World

Tour the iron mine and explore the iconic Kiruna Church, which was built in the shape of a traditional Sami dwelling.


Driving a dog sled through the northern wilds of Lapland

Your guide and their pack of dogs whisk you through the snowy wilderness of Swedish Lapland. After a short training, you can try your hand at guiding the pack yourself!


Experience the amazing IceHotel at Jukkasjärvi !

Welcome to the Icehotel, an art exhibition and a magical hotel made entirely with snow and ice from the Torne River.


Experiencing Sámi culture

Discover the little wooden church of Jukkasjärvi and the Nutti Sámi Siida museum to learn more about Sápmi’s history and reindeer herding.


Moose (and artic wildlife) Spotting

With their thick coats and towering frames, the native animals of northern Sweden are formidable to observe, when seen in their natural habitat.


Snowshoeing in the Abisko National Park

There’s something special about exploring the wilderness on a snowshoe tour in the Abisko National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. test


Ice climbing at the Abisko ice fall

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a safe and true ice fall climbing experience in Abisko National Park with experienced guides.


Hunting the Northern Lights

One of the key reasons to head to northern Sweden in winter is the Northern Lights. Marvel at brilliant curtains of green rippling across the night sky in Abisko.


Discover the hidden Fjords of the of Norwegian Lapland

From Abisko, cross the Norwegian border and discover the majestic Norwegian fjords of Bjerkvik, Gratangen and Grovfjorg.