You want to visit Lapland in winter ? Here's are the C-Ludik's tips to organize your next trip to Lapland.

Useful travel tips to prepare your Lapland trip

You want to visit Lapland in winter ? Here’s are the C-Ludik’s tips to organize your next trip to Lapland.


The best time to visit Lapland in winter ?

Between November and April a thick and beautiful layer of snow and ice covers Lapland. Discover the different periods between November and April to enjoy the outdoor activities.

Dog sledding in Lapland

Some of the most popular activities in Lapland are dog sledding safaris. Dog sledding offers a real taste of the wilderness and the excitement of sliding on the snow in the middle of lakes and forests.

Sleeping in an Ice Hotel in Lapland

Try a frosty night in an ice hotel ! Sleeping in a room made entirely from ice is definitely going to be a unique experience 🥶

Photographing the Northern Lights in Lapland

You’ve always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights and bringing back a lasting souvenir, but you don’t know where to start ? Let’s go to Lapland and photograph the Northern Lights ! 

Getting to Lapland by air: Which airport to choose ?

The fastest way to get to Lapland is by plane, but where to land ? You may think that Lapland is at the end of the world, but flights are available from various airports in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

How to watch reindeer in Lapland ?

For tourists, reindeer and Lapland are inseparable ! During a stay in Lapland, you can observe reindeer in the wild (but in the wild, they are fearful) or opt to visit a reindeer farm.