What are the best Finnish products to bring home from Lapland ?

What traditional nature gifts to buy in Lapland ?

Culture and nature-related practical items are some of the best gifts from  Lapland. The handicrafts of the Sámi people include many traditional nature gifts made from natural resources such as tree antlers, reindeer skin and antlers, and furs. The “Kuksa” cup can be found all over Lapland and is a traditional drinking wooden cup. The Sámi see their Kuksa cup as a companion, something to keep close and tie to their belt.

The “Kuksa” cup is a traditional drinking wooden cup, which can be found all over Lapland.

The “Kuksa” cup is a traditional Sámi drinking wooden cup

You can also buy a “Puukko”, which is a traditional Finnish hunting knife with a wooden handle that is worn on the belt. Blankets, mittens, colorful Sámi hat, traditional Finnish clothing, warm socks or fashion-wise Sámi fur boots are items you can find everywhere.

Sámi boots are traditional Sámi winter footwear made of reindeer hide.

Sámi boots are made of reindeer hide