Europe is unique in its geographical, historical, and human differences, but the Old Continent is also rich in natural gems. Charming villages with cobbled streets, dark moors, and old castles perched high upon a rocky outcropping dot the landscapes and inspire myths and legends. From the Irish meadows to the Finnish taiga, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the Danube delta, creeks, deserts, glaciers, lakes, or archipelagos constitute a landscape of incredible diversity: a scale model of the whole world! For centuries, the captivating charm of European landscapes has inspired artists. Discover the fjords of Norwegian Lapland, the snow-covered peaks of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, the « Levadas » of Madeira, or the Icelandic volcanoes such as Snæfellsjökull. The latter was the inspiration for Jules Verne’s « Journey to the Center of the Earth ». And fall in love with Europe’s most beautiful cities: Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and London, to name a few.


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A magnificent panoramic view of the Saana fell topped by a cloud. Saana fell is also one of the highest spots in Finland, 3,376 feet above sea level at its peak.
Lapland, cradle of Sámi Culture

Lapland, cradle of Sámi Culture

In Lapland, North of the Arctic circle in Finland, it takes only a few minutes to forget the frenzy of daily life and to plunge into a peaceful, stillness and pristine nature. Kilpisjärvi (Gilbbesjávri in Sámi language) has a population of about 100 and is located...

From the top of the Jyppyrä hill (2,200 feet above sea level) you have a breathtaking panoramic view of of Lake Ounasjärvi and its surroundings.
Lapland, a Winter Paradise

Lapland, a Winter Paradise

Hyvää päivää, Lapland (or Sápmi in the Sámi language) stretches over four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula of Russia. The region is bounded by the Norwegian Sea on the west, the Barents Sea to the north and the White Sea in the east. This...

Hot and cold air…

Hot and cold air…

Góðan daginn "Where the glacier meets the sky, the land ceases to be earth, and the earth becomes one with the heavens; no sorrows live there anymore, and therefore joy is not necessary; beauty alone reigns, beyond all imagination". This quote from the novel World...

Best will be the fall…

Best will be the fall…

First, let's set the background! Iceland is a Nordic island country of 39,699 square miles near the North Pole. It opens to the inside of the Earth, and the Sun does not set during the summer... The grandiose and deserted landscape is crisscrossed by rivers and...

Desperately seeking Nessie

Desperately seeking Nessie

Do you remember the movie where a man lives forever, with Queen's famous song Who wants to live forever"? Good, our journey on the west coast of the Isle of Skye in Scoland takes us to Dunvegan and its famous castle, the stronghold of the MacLeod clan for 800...

At the discovery of the Highlands

At the discovery of the Highlands

Are you brave enough to explore an itinerary of castles (with and without ghosts), lochs, magicians, and mysterious creatures ? If so, put on the soundtrack of "Braveheart"…as background music... as the first notes resonate, think of Mel Gibson wearing a kilt, of a...

List of the European countries I have visited and details on the must-see places

France: A rich and diverse heritage

Flag of France, country of Europe
Flag of France

France, also referred to as The Hexagon, due to its geometric shape, is a country with a thousand facets. If Paris sets the tone, everyone knows that Paris is not France. Each region has its specialties and particularities, enough to satisfy everyone. France has extraordinary landscapes, lagoons, waterfalls, canyons, and glaciers. You can think you’re in one of the renowned American parks, in the African savannah, or a tropical forest, and yet… you’re in France. From the cliffs of Étretat to the sparkling ochre color of the village of Roussillon, from the purple gorges of Cians and Daluis to the Penitents of Les Mées, France’s natural heritage is unique. France is also one of the European countries that has best preserved its architectural and religious heritage.

Iceland: An island for lovers of extreme landscapes

Flag of Iceland, country of Europe
Flag of Iceland

No country in Europe offers as many spectacular landscapes as Iceland. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, this volcanic island navigates between fire and ice. This piece of land, geologically the youngest of the globe, is constantly changing. Nature is fascinating and unwelcoming at the same time. Volcanoes and glaciers live together in peculiar harmony, punctuated by frequent eruptions. Icelandic glaciers are impressive because of their history – Snæfellsjökull inspired Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” – or because of their size – Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Europe. Iceland stuns and seduces travelers who wander in a nature in full effervescence: rivers and waterfalls breaking out of the mountains, boiling mud, fumaroles emitting sulfurous gases, or multicolored mountains. Don’t forget its inhabitants; two-thirds live in the region of Reykjavik and are faithful to ancient traditions. On this northern island, legends about and beliefs in “the little people” (elves, goblins, fairies, and other goblins) are a reality for many inhabitants…

Italy: The fascinating charm of “La Dolce Vita”

Flag of Italy, country of Europe
Flag of Italy

Does an escape tempt you to the land of the “Dolce Vita?” Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a gourmet, Italy can only seduce you: cultural strolls in Florence and Rome in the footsteps of the greatest artists of the Renaissance; hikes in the Cinque Terre or the magnificent landscapes of the Dolomites (classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site); gourmet excursions in regions producing wines, cheeses, and other delicacies… Italy abounds with splendid landscapes, spectacular coasts, imposing mountains, gentle hills, and unique monuments erected by genius architects and builders. So, don’t hesitate: let’s go immediately to enjoy the sweetness of life on the Italian peninsula. Andiamo!

Lapland: Nature and the magical wide open spaces

Flag of Lapland, country of Europe
Flag of Lapland

Lapland, the land of Santa Claus and reindeer and the ancestral land of the Sámi people, is a land of enchantment. This region of northern Europe extends over several countries: the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, and Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. The nature of the European Far North, totally unique, has always nourished the dreams of travelers with sumptuous winter landscapes, the unfathomable mystery of the northern lights and the midnight sun, large lakes dotted with thousands of islands, and the breathtaking beauty of fjords. This magnificent but harsh environment has shaped the mentality of its people, who have developed a deep affinity for their natural surroundings.

Madeira: A floating garden in the heart of the Atlantic

Flag of Madeira, country of Europe
Flag of Madeira

Combining mountain charm and tropical softness, Madeira has something to delight all travelers. Its mild climate and an extraordinary abundance of flowers have earned it the nickname “the flower island of the Atlantic.” These lands of volcanic origin, ideally placed on the routes of the great navigations, have been the object of envy for centuries. Its past will delight art and history lovers: don’t miss the baroque churches and the Quintas (Madeiran houses from the 17th and 18th centuries) of Funchal. And for nature lovers, the choice is yours: hiking in lush forests along the « Levadas » (irrigation canals), gazing at the sky from the top of a pico, smelling the perfume of flowers in the gardens of Funchal, resting on the golden sand of Porto Santo or admiring the steep cliffs like Cabo Girão.

Scotland: An enigmatic nature and culture

Flag of Scotland, country of Europe
Flag of Scotland

Scotland is more than just tartans and kilts. It leads the European countries in biodiversity and is one of the wildest places in Europe. Its forests and trees are magnificent. Its lakes, moors, and waterways will take your breath away. Scotland stretches from the rolling hills of the Borders in the south (the natural border with England) to the majestic and lonely peaks and valleys of the Highlands in the north. Offshore are the isolated, windswept archipelagos of the Shetlands, Hebrides, and Orkney Islands. There is so much to see in Scotland. The atmosphere is unique and so different from the rest of Europe. It is a great escape for many travelers! Scotland is also a land of history, myths, and legends, to which the sumptuous castles bear witnesses. Beware, some of them may be haunted! The lives of some of its historical figures have inspired stories that still resonate throughout the world: Mary Stuart, William Wallace, or Robert Bruce, to name but a few…


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