In search of inspiration for your next travel? Where can you find ideas for a stay in the heart of Mother Nature or for an adventure of several days in spectacular and enchanting landscapes? Our beautiful planet Earth is covered with unknown or little-known places of remarkable beauty. The Earth is a true Artist, with a capital A! Rivers carve valleys, constantly breaking new ground; mountain ranges rise or erode; coasts reconfigure; deserts advance or retreat, and glaciers expand or melt. Water, wind, cold, and heat are constantly reshaping the surface of the Earth. This ongoing process gives rise to forms and colors, both astonishing and fascinating.

« In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous »

« Inspiration » is for nature lovers and curiosity hunters alike. Just take a deep breath and look around; you will see the fullness of nature’s beauty. It is up to us to protect and preserve it. Impressive deserts, majestic mountains, flora, and fauna with a thousand details… Photographs taken in the four corners of the globe reveal the incredible richness of our planet. What a wonderful world: the beauty of our planet is infinitely inspiring! Behind everything around us, there is a beauty, a meaning, a story, and a source of inspiration for all of us, not only for creative people.

« It’s a wonderful world
I’m just walking on air
Talk of heaven on earth
I’ve got more than my share
Haven’t got a care
Happy all day through
It’s a wonderful world
Loving wonderful you »
(What a Wonderful World – Louis Amstrong)

An explorer’s soul gives free rein to curiosity and seeks to discover the Earth’s hidden treasures. They are a great source of inspiration, travel ideas, and a real call to escape! I wish you a wonderful journey through images of Terra Incognita, in the heart of the mineral, vegetable, and animal world…

Find inspiration for your next travel destination

As the water flows: Crnojevica river in Montenegro It's in the Air: Dinosaur National Monument in Western USA Mineral Explorations: White Pocket in Western USA Secrete

Travel stories and tips to find inspiration

Secret Nature
In Madagascar, discover the famous Alley of the Baobabs at sunset. The show is just amazing !
The Fabulous Spectacle of Trees

The Fabulous Spectacle of Trees

« Auprès de mon arbre, je vivrais heureux » sang Brassens. In Japan, the practice of « shinrin yoku » or « forest bathing » is recognized as medical therapy and has millions of followers. In Japanese, Shinrin means forest, and yoku means bath. Shinrin yoku means...

Inspiration from travels around the themes: water, air, rocky phenomena, the animal and plant world

As the water flows

Very early in our lives, we are attracted and intrigued by water. This natural element is magical; we can drink, manipulate, and transform it… Water governs life, shapes landscapes, irrigates soils and plantations, nourishes forests, and supplies men and animals. Thousands of lakes, streams, and rivers, dot and traverse the Earth. Water covers almost 3/4 of the surface of our planet and makes up about 70% of the human body…

« Not necessary to life, but rather life itself ».
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

An essential element for life, water is also a source of inspiration. By turns tumultuous, elusive, soothing, or invisible, water never stops moving and changing. When we travel, water affects our emotions. The gentle surf of the shoreline relaxes us, a cool bath in a mountain lake refreshes us, waterfalls gushing between rocks and falling with a crash invigorate us….

It’s in the air

Man has always been fascinated by the forces of nature. Without any human intervention, planet earth offers infinite, exceptional, and captivating phenomena.

It is not surprising that our ancestors attributed these « works of art » to the gods, even if they are only meteorological phenomena. Today almost all of these phenomena can be explained by science. However, they remain forever engraved in our memories and are a source of inspiration.

Dazzling lightning, the northern lights, multicolored rainbows, sunsets, and sunrises mixed with dark clouds wherever you go, look up and do not take your eyes off the sky.

« Whoever wants to see the rainbow must learn to love the rain ».
(Paulo Coelho)

Everyone has experienced the beauty of these phenomena in the sky. When angry, the sky is a source of fantastic phenomena that often appear when we least expect it. Who has not been caught in a thunderstorm while hiking and had to run through the rain to take cover ? However, if capricious storms compromise your plans at the time, they can reveal a fascinating and even spectacular new side to nature…

Mineral Explorations

The mineral world is a living world with its rhythm, forms, colors, and transformations. Nature has been producing works of art for thousands of years, inspiring architects and designers: multicolored mountains, stone forests, purple gorges, limestone arches, fairy chimneys, giant dunes, and much more.

« The sheen and coloration of precious stones are the same today as they were thousands of years ago and will be for thousands of years to come. In a world of change, this permanence has a charm of its own that was early appreciated ».
(George Frederick Kunz, American mineralogist)

The mechanisms that sculpted these marvelous landscapes are not always easy to understand. Some are unusual, even downright mysterious. The river waters have sculpted an arch; somewhere else, the wind draws arabesques in the desert sand. Without any doubt, we remain amazed standing in front of such grandeur and mineral beauty

Secret Nature

What beautiful inspirations come to us from the plant and animal world! Who has not admired an animal for its appearance, plumage, fur, energy, or character?

From the Renaissance to the present day, artists’ works (paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints) testify to man’s marvel at the animal world. The animal world is diverse: furry, feathered or scaled, prey or predator, warm-blooded or cold-blooded, male or female, microscopic or gigantic. From the tiniest insects to the most majestic elephant, each animal has its own qualities and secrets for us to discover…

« What is the difference between an animal and a human being? The reply: The animal adapts to nature. The human demands that nature to adapt to him ».
(Power to bloom by Nassrine Reza)

Because the plant world conceals many little-known treasures, globe-trotting botanists crisscross the planet to identify new plants that may offer some often unsuspected virtues.

From majestic trees to the most delicate flowers, our ancestors knew their magic: as medicine, esoteric aids, aphrodisiacs, or plants that bring luck and attract good fortune. The beauty and diversity of plants have inspired dreams and science since the beginning of time…


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