Where to visit or sleep in an ice hotel in Lapland ?

Can you visit an Ice hotel in Lapland without sleeping overnight ?

Visiting or booking a night in an ice hotel in Lapland is an unusual experience but well worth the trip! You can find and sleep overnight in an ice hotels in Lapland almost everywhere. In 1989, the first ice hotel (The ICEHOTEL) opened its doors in Lapland, in Jukkasjärvi, invited visitors to sleep overnight in sub-zero temperatures. Sleeping in such a place is often very expensive so if your budget is a bit tight, just visit the hotel.

The deluxe IceHotel suite "Raindrop prelude" in Lapland. The musical notations of Chopin’s classical work engraved in the ice aloft.

The deluxe IceHotel suite “Raindrop prelude” in Lapland