Meet Santa Claus in Lapland

Does Santa Claus live at the North Pole or in Lapland ?

You always dream to meet Santa Claus in Lapland ? Of course, not only kids would love spending some personal time with Santa Claus in his very own secret Rovaniemi’s village, hidden deep into the Lapland Forest. The Rovaniemi village is very tourist friendly. It’s ready for tourists all year round, and it goes crazy during Christmas time. The Santa’s official village and Santa Park are located 5 miles north of Rovaniemi town itself and sits right on top of the Arctic Circle border, which is cutely marked on the ground. This is where you can take a great photo (and get a certificate) of yourself stepping over the Arctic Circle, with a painted sign marking the circle of latitude that runs 66°33’45.9″ north of the Equator. Santa Claus’ Main Post Office in the village, is the only official post office of Santa Claus. Cards, letters, and parcels sent from Santa Claus’ Main Post Office are stamped with a genuine and popular Arctic Circle postmark. You can also leave your Christmas cards and parcels with the elves every day of the year – and they will be sent just before Christmas !