5 Top Reasons to Travel in spring

Does the arrival of spring whet your appetite for travel ? Imagine yourself soaking up the sun’s gentle rays on a café terrace, strolling through gardens in full bloom, wandering in the mountains or by the sea to enjoy the long days.

Spring is one of the best seasons to travel, and it offers many advantages.


1. Enjoy sunny days !

In spring, temperatures are mild, and days are generally sunny. For the Northern Hemisphere’s favorite destinations, including most European countries, statistics show that spring months are often the driest.

Ideal weather for excursions ! When we travel to southern countries, the warm weather is manageable but bearable.

The original, world famous Weather Forecasting Stone … The weather rock or weather stone is a humor display that pokes fun at the intricate technology used in modern weather forecasts.

The Weather Forecasting Stone

2. Witness nature’s awakening

With the warm weather and longer days, nature bursts with life and vivid color.. Delicate, discreet, or striking flowers color gardens, meadows, and undergrowth.

Daisies, speedwells, primroses, violets, lamier, narcissus, and small periwinkle bloom on roadsides, in meadows, in public gardens, and sometimes even in the smallest corners of towns, without the help of a gardener! And the marmots in the mountain pastures are whistling again !

Blooming in early spring, the primroses are flowers with pale to deep yellow with darker yellow-orange centers color. Primroses are low-growing plants with rough, tongue-like leaves that grow in a rosette.

Spring flowers: primroses


3.Escaping the tourist crowds

Traveling in spring means avoiding crowds, especially in the most popular tourist destinations. This peacefulness is appreciated in popular destinations.

The traffic is fluid and accommodations much easier to find.

What a delight to wander and stroll in complete peace of mind, to discover the sights in a different light !


4. Enjoy seasonal activities

Spring is the season of many festivals, music, food, and traditional cultures and folk customs. Experience the « Frühlingsfest » in Munich or the traditional Highland Games in Scotland, feast on fresh fruit from the market, and enjoy your first Italian ice cream of the year.

When it comes to nature, visit the tulip fields in Holland (mid-April) or take part in « hanami » in Japan to admire the beauty of the cherry blossom trees, known as « Sakura». Last but not least, thousands of gray whales pass near Vancouver Island in Canada every spring…

5. Take advantage of the low season and save money

Spring travel can be a very economical option. The cost of accommodation, plane tickets, car rentals, and tourist activities is considerably lower than during the high season.

It’s an opportunity to save a little while enjoying a fantastic trip.

Now that we know the advantages, let’s talk about the only two disadvantages of spring travel:

  • Pollen allergies: runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy throat… There’s no doubt about it: these are the signs of « hay fever » !
  • Some beaches, particularly in Europe, are still unsuitable for swimming. For those not so afraid of chilly water, swimming becomes possible again in the Mediterranean at the end of spring !

The five reasons outlined in this article show why spring is an ideal time to travel. It’s an exceptional time to satisfy your thirst for adventure and discovery. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy unique spring experiences and start planning your next spring trip.