The best places to go in spring

In the mood for nature, seaside beaches, or to discover a place’s history and culture ?

We’ve some ideas for spring destinations. Travel in mild temperatures, away from the hustle and bustle of summer crowds: dream destinations to enjoy in total peace and calm !


Destination Africa in spring

Travel to Africa during springtime is a great opportunity to experience the unrivalled majesty of the African continent

With MoroccoTunisia and Egypt, North Africa is a pleasant springtime destination with plenty of sunshine and delightful temperatures.

Think of islands like Cape VerdeMadagascar, and Reunion, where spring is a good time for most activities.

It’s high season for safaris throughout southern Africa: tourist numbers are high in South AfricaBotswanaNamibiaZambie , and Zimbabwe.

In April, the Victoria Falls (on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe) are at their most spectacular.

The Paúl Valley in Cape Verde, on the island of Santo Antão, is a truly green paradise. It's a long oasis of lush vegetation, squeezed between two mountain bars on the island of Santo Antão.

Cape Verde, Santo Antão island: Paúl Valley


Destination North and Central America in spring

Spring is the perfect time to pack your bags for the National Parks of the American West.

Explore these magnificent parks before the summer heat and crowds : Death Valley, Yosemite, Saguaro, and more. California, Louisiana, and Florida (jusqu’à mai) (until May) are delightful at this time of year, as are Mexico and Cuba (also until May.

The spectacular views from Zabriskie Point are some of the most photographed in Death Valley National Park. The viewpoint is an elevated overlook of a huge area of yellow-brown-black badlands, with the white salt flats.

Death Valley Zabriskie Viewpoint

Destination South America in spring

Early autumn in the southern hemisphere (and spring in the northern hemisphere) is a pleasant time to visit South America.

In Argentina, discover Buenos Aires and the magnifiques chutes d’IguaçuFrom May-June, the dry season is enjoyable and underway on the Altiplano(Bolivia and Chile). The other side of the coin: colder temperatures set in as we approach the southern winter.

Located in the middle of the rainforest on the border of Argentina and Brazil, the Iguaçu or Iguazu Falls are a natural wonder.

The magnificent Iguaçu Fallson the border of Argentina and Brazil


Destinations in Asia and the Middle East in spring

The spring season is great or less favorable depending if you travel to Asia or to the Middle East.

In South-East Asia, the spring season is much less favorable… The heatwaves in many countries, such as India, Thailand, and Burma, are responsible for hundreds of deaths yearly.

And, at the end of spring, the monsoon affects the entire region, sparing few…

Only South Korea and northern and central China (Beijing) remain welcoming, even if conditions are less than ideal.

« Vacation: when you spend thousands of dollars to see what rain looks like in different parts of the world. » (Robert Orben, American writer and humorist)

In Japan, on the other hand, spring is an enjoyable season. The cherry blossoms move from south to north between late March and mid-April (late April for the northern island of Hokkaido)

If possible, avoid Golden Week, , Japan’s annual vacation week from late April to early May.

The other Asian exception is Indonesia, where the wet season ends in late April, and the dry season begins in May.

In the Middle East, spring is already hot in some regions, especially the desert zones.

In Jordan, you can take advantage of the mild temperatures of April-May to discover the almond trees in bloom, the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, and the refined architecture of the monuments in Petra.

In Jordan, the Wadi Rum desert looks like the arid and red surface of Mars with its reddish dans and mountains. It features a varied desert landscape consisting of a range of narrow gorges, natural arches, towering cliffs, ramps, massive landslides and caverns.

Jordan: reddish sand dunes and Mountains in Wadi Rum desert

Destination Europe in spring

Are you dreaming of a trip to Europe ?

Consider islands where life is good all year round : MadeiraMaltethe Canary Islands, and la Crete are perfect examples.

The spring climate is idyllic around the Mediterranean: Spain (Andalusia), Italy (Tuscany), Greece and the south of France. It’s not hot yet so you can say goodbye to queues before every visit or restaurant meal !

Madeira: you will walk on paths in the heart of the Lauriferous forest, along the Levadas. The trees intertwine, creating a mystical atmosphere worthy

Madeira, in the heart of the Lauriferous forest

Further north, temperatures rise as the season progresses, reaching a pleasant coolness from May-June onwards.

In England, Cornwall is covered with fields of flowers. Spring is the ideal time to discover IcelandNorwaySweden and Finland, we’ll wait until June to fly to these destinations and take full advantage of the midnight sun: outdoor activities and light therapy !

Lapland is a great place to visit in spring, to admire its wide open spaces and enjoy the icy scenery at the end of winter.

Scotland's iconic Eilean Donan Castle, reflected in Loch Duich, stands at the entrance to the Isle of Skye in the Highlands.

Scotland: Eileann Donan castle

As far as cities are concerned, spring is the perfect time for excursions and cultural visits to the capitals of the Old Continent: Athens, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Budapest, etc.

In Barcelona, Casa Amatller and Casa Batllo are two side-by-side buildings redesigned by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. They are two of the three most important buildings on a famous Barcelona city block known as the

Barcelona: Casa Amatller and Casa Battlo

Destination Oceania in spring

Plan a trip to Oceania on spring is a good time for a quieter, cooler and cheaper time of year to visit

The Australian climate has the opposite seasons to those of our northern hemisphere. In Australia, April and May are the heart of autumn, and winter begins in June.

As Australia is a vast country with a great diversity of climates, you’ll find at least one pleasant region to discover every season.

In early autumn, stroll along the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, enjoy the Adelaide Fringe Festival Festival in Adelaide, or take a gourmet break in Melbourne.

At the end of autumn, head for the Northern Territory, where the dry season begins, with sunny days and warm nights…

Traveling to New Zealand (from March to May (autumn) represents a good compromise between the weather and the number of tourists. Temperatures are still pleasant, and nature offers magnificent autumn colors! Bear in mind, however, that it can be cold, and rain is never far away…

Spring is an extraordinary season for exploring the world. Each continent offers a unique experience, a palette of colors and a variety of activities that make spring travel unforgettable. Whether you’re a lover of nature, culture, adventure or relaxation, spring promises fascinating discoveries. So pack your bags, set off to conquer spring destinations across the continents and let yourself be swept away by the magic of this extraordinary season. The world awaits you for an unforgettable spring adventure. Bon voyage!